Dating Asawa ni Jose Manalo na si Anna Lyn, Pumanåw Na!

Inanunsyo ni Myki Manalo, anak ng aktor at komedyante na si Jose Manalo, na pumanåw na ang kanyang ina na si Anna Lyn nitong Enero 14, 2022. Narito ang kanyang kabuuang post:

"Our beloved Anna Lyn S. Manalo moved on from this world earlier today, January 14, 2022. With sådness in our hëarts, we find solåce in knowing that she is in a better place. She is survived by her five children, Sherwin Nicco, Don Benjamin, Myki, Ai, and Colyn. We plan to host an intimate and dignified memorial service once everything has been arranged. For the meantime, your prayers will be very much appreciated."

Sa hiwalay na facebook post ay narito naman ang isa pang naging pahayag ni Myki:

"Oh, the wind beneath my wings
You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings
Fly, fly, fly away, you let me fly so high
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings
Fly, fly, fly high against the sky
So high I almost touch the sky
Thank you, thank you
Thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings"

"You were a frustrated singer, Mommy. I remember you practicing this song again and again when I was younger. No matter the circumstances, you have always been the wind beneath my wings. Watch over me. Embrace me this way, Mommy. These photos are how I want to remember you. You loved me in the only way you knew how. It wasn't perfect, but it was still love. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you, Mommy. Thank you for fighting. Fly high and rest now. I love you so much. Always and forever."

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