Kendra Kramer is Now a Teenager

Ibinahagi ni Dough Kramer sa instagram ang kanyang sweet 13th birthday message para sa kanyang panganay na anak na si Kendra Kramer. "Our dearest @kramer.kendra, you're officially a teenager now.
"Seemed like just yesterday you were that chubby baby who's personality was larger than life, very loud, unbashful, full of spunk and so playful.

"The apple of everyone's eye! You loved to sing and dance and it's nice to see that those things haven't changed!

"And now here we are. 13!

"Mommy and Daddy have so much advice and guidance to give you. But even at this young age, you have already formed your convictions, your non negotiables, your priorities, ang your love for Christ and family.

"Up next, road from 13 to 18 for you."

"Take your time sweetheart.

"Enjoy your teenage years! You don't need to be perfect all the time, give room to grow, learn, loosen up and relax.

"So from Papa and Mama, We love you unconditionally!"

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