Kyla Alvarez, Apat na Beses ng Nakunan: "I'm screaming and crying in my head"

Malungkot na inansunsyo ng singer na si Kyla Alvares na apat na beses na siyang nakukunan. Dalawang beses nakunan si Kyla noong 2018 at naulit muli noong Hulyo 2021. Nagdadalamhati ngayon ang singer sa pagkawala ng kanyang baby. Ipinagpapasa-Diyos na lamang ito ni Kyla at sinabi niya rin sa kanyang instagram post kung gaano niya kamahal ang kanyang baby.

"You have brought me so much joy, even for a few months that i carried you within me.. It was all pure joy.

"But losing you.. again..for the fourth time is unimaginable. I can't even put my feelings into words.

"I find it so hard to share my loss because we didn't tell anyone about our pregnancy. We wanted to share our excitement with our family but later on ended up sharing our grief. I am screaming and crying in my head and i couldn't tell anyone.

"I know things will be ok in the end.

"I thank God for his presence in my life. I thank God for touching my heart right at this moment. Everyday, i have to intentionally look for just about anything that'll make me happy. I have to constantly remind myself that God has already placed people in my life to love- people that i need in life. He has blessed me with the best ones to love and love me back. Everything else is just bonus.

"Lord, have it your way. I surrender all my hurt to you.

"And to you, my little one.. i pray for you. I hope you've felt how much we longed for you, prayed for you and how much we love you.."

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