Janella Salvador, Nagdadalamhati sa Pagpanaw ng Kanyang Alagang Aso na si Max

Labis na nagdadalamhati ngayon ang aktres na si Janella Salvador sa pagpanaw ng kanyang alagang aso na si Max. Ito ay matapos niyang ipost sa instagram. "These past few days have been some of the hardest in my 24 years of existence. To some I might sound dramatic but I feel like there’s now a big hole in my chest; that I now lack a part of me.

"It's probably because i feel like I didn’t just lose a pet—I lost a partner in life. I lost someone who gave me the most unconditional love.

"I lost someone who was always so happy to see me and patiently waited when I was too busy.

"I lost someone who knew when I was feeling terrible and went up to me to give me the warmest hugs and just sat there with me and my tears in silence," madamdaming saad ni Janella.

"I lost my shadow… the one who would follow me to the refrigerator to ask me to share my ice cubes with him. I lost my giant bear who thought he was small; who loved it when we had guests.

"I always laughed in my head when people would get frightened due to his size because he could never ever even hurt a fly. I lost my first baby boy who was always so gentle with Jude.

"He was supposed to grow old with him," dagdag pa niya.

"When I moved out at 19, my home barely had anything and I would struggle from time to time learning to be independent. No furniture, an emotional mess… but I had you."

Hindi man daw nakapiling ni Janella si Max sa mga huling sandali nito, bitbit niya ang alaala ng mga masayang pagsasama nila ng alagang aso.

"So my dearest Max, I hope you knew and felt that you are so loved. I’ve been beating myself up over the fact that I wasn’t able to hold your paw during your last few moments… but I was told that you were smiling through the pain.

"You were a happy boy until the very end. THE GOODEST BOI EVER.

"I will always hold on to the fact that you were the only pup I wanted from the litter and you were also the first one to run to me. You chose me and I chose you.

"Thank you for sharing your life with me. ‘til we meet again. Please make me sundo with your slobbery mouth and big waggity tail when it’s my time to go.

"Run free, my Maxipoo. The house will never be the same without your big fluffy body and barks. I love you."

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